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Digital transformation has become a top priority for companies and this trend is about to accelerate even more in the light of the current situation with COVID-19. As part of this development, companies and public institutions make an effort to digitize their documents and therefore collect a vast amount of data every day.

Which may pose the question: Is there a point where we will no longer work with documents?

First, let us contrast how machines read and understand documents to how humans understand documents.

Machines can only process structured data. For a machine, structured data are strings of numbers…

Identifying tables in documents and decoding their structure is one of the biggest challenges in automated document analysis. Since we often run our information extraction engine on documents containing tables, we face this challenge very often. Therefore, we decided to research the ideal machine learning algorithms to detect and recognize tables in documents.

Analyzing tables with a machine learning model is a difficult task. Tables in documents come in very different shapes and sizes. Some have visible lines, some do not. Some have bold text for headers, others use background colors. …

In an earlier article, we explained what you should consider when you prepare a training set for your machine learning system. Once you have a set ready, you will want to train your system on it. An important part of training is the evaluation. To help you with the evaluation of your machine learning system, we will present you three useful measures to evaluate the performance of your system.

How can I evaluate a black box?

Many people think of machine learning systems as black boxes. You give some form of input, you receive some form of output — what…

Co-founder Martin Keller recently went on a business trip to Hong Kong with Venture Leaders Fintech. In this article, he gives us an insight into how he experienced Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area, and why he thinks that this region might become the next Silicon Valley within a few years.

During the Venture Leaders Fintech trip, Martin Keller presented turicode to potential customers and partners in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

I just returned from a business trip to Hong Kong. As part of the Venture Leaders Fintech cohort — a roadshow co-organized by Venturelab and swissnex China to create business opportunities for fintech startups in the far East –, I met representatives of international companies, local authorities, investors…

If you want your machine learning system to be more reliable than any random guess generator, providing a good training set is crucial. Here are three things you should keep in mind if you want to put together a training set which will make your machine learning system perform at its best:

1. The training set needs to represent the production set

It seems obvious, but in practice, this is one of the main reasons why machine learning systems fail. …

On August 28 and 29, we presented ourselves and our data extraction engine at the Swiss IT fair topsoft at Umwelt Arena Schweiz in Spreitenbach. At our stand, we welcomed visitors with a shot of mojito syrup and invited them to participate in a non-representative survey on the digitization of documents that we had printed onto two posters. The answers of our 52 participants mostly working for small and medium enterprises resulted in some interesting findings:

Finding 1: Manual copy-pasting is every-day business

With one exception, all participants of our survey stated that they manually copy or type valuable information…

Software as a Service (SaaS) is very advantageous as it offers real time processing with easy, frequent updates and overall great service. However, our customers are rightfully concerned about the security of their data as it is often their most important asset. We are s aware of this and therefore process sensitive customer data based on the highest security standards. Here is how we deal with it.

Our Servers

Your dedicated services run on our internal serves or on a trusted, Swiss Data Centre provider who is ISO certified and FINMA approved. …


Truly refreshing document digitization!

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